The Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (O.P.B.A)

The Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association (O.P.B.A) represents police departments  and law enforcement agencies throughout Ohio including ranking officers and chiefs.Membership in the O.P.B.A is limited to duly appointed, sworn police and law enforcement officers, correction officers and dispatchers of governmental or quasi-governmental police departments or police agencies or such retired officers, or dispatchers, located within the State of Ohio. This association exists to provide aid and protection to its members, for the education of its members, for the general welfare of its members and their families and for the betterment of police and people of their communities.


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Message from the Executive Director

Effective Monday, August 4, 2014, I have accepted a full time employment opportunity which will necessitate my resignation as the Executive Director of the OPBA. I have put a lot of thought and consideration into this decision. I have enjoyed immensely working for the membership over the last 30 months. I leave the organization, staff and the membership with fond memories. I believe that substantial progress has been made over the last 30 months. I also believe that I am leaving our organization in better shape than when I had found it (see related article on page ?? of the fall issue of Police Beat). This new opportunity was not sought by me, rather it was one in which I was sought out. After much thought, internal reflection and discussion with my family this offer was simply one that I could not reject. This opportunity is one that will be career fulfilling, challenging and extremely rewarding.

The OPBA has an excellent staff consisting of our attorneys, business agent and office staff that serves the membership better than any rival organization. The level of service they provide as well as our outside attorneys is unmatched in my mind. The OPBA has taken on new departments and retained existing departments over the last 30 months because of the high level of service that is provided. That service will continue with my stepping down and the leadership of the organization will continue at the highest level.

Tom Austin, current Executive Secretary, will assume the duties of the Executive Director on August 4, 2014. Tom and I have worked hand in hand over the last 5 years and specifically the last 30 months. Tom shares the same vision, passion and desires for the OPBA that I have had since becoming the Executive Director in January of 2012. Though we may not have always agreed, we were able to discuss our differences and come to mutual resolution that always had the best interests of the organization in mind. His law enforcement experience and the experiences that he and I shared and learned from in dealing with Senate Bill 5, from going door to door to participating in phone banks back in 2011 as well as attending coalition meetings, will serve the membership well moving into and beyond the elections in November of 2014.

I believe that Tom will serve the OPBA and membership well and has my full and wholehearted endorsement and support taking the OPBA into 2015 and beyond. I believe that the accomplishments and strides that we as an organization have made will continue to thrive under his leadership.

I wish every member and their family’s good health and happiness moving forward. I know that OPBA will continue to provide the superior representation and service that it always has moving forward into the future.

Be safe and careful as you continue to perform your all important duties.

With deepest regards,

Jeff Pedicino


Planning for your Retirement

Planning for retirement can be a very complex task, especially for those that are ill prepared.  There are many things you should address prior to punching your final ticket to retirement, and many police officers may not know what those are.

At Lineweaver Financial Group, we feel it is best to be informed and educated about your pension system and the decisions you will need to make.  Too many times, we have met with a police officer AFTER they have already retired, only to find out they made choices that weren’t best for themselves and their family.  In many cases, these decisions are irrevocable and there is nothing we can do to change them, only try to help them in their future.  We prefer to meet with employees BEFORE they retire and provide them complimentary advice to help them address the necessary hurdles of retirement planning.  This way they can confidently head into retirement knowing they are making informed decisions based on their specific situation.

Following is a helpful retirement checklist that will help get you started in your preparation:

  1. Do you know when you should visit the pension board?
  2. Do you know what your approximate monthly pension will be?
  3. Do you know what pension options are available and which one is best for your family?
  4. How can you get the most from your pension yet still leave assets to your heirs?
  5. Is there a cost effective way to bridge health insurance gaps between retirement and Medicare?
  6. Will the pension option you choose support your current lifestyle?
  7. Are you planning on working after retirement?
  8. Will your social security payments be reduced in retirement?
  9. Do you have all your legal documents updated and accounts titled properly?
  10. Are you aware of the tax restrictions of rolling over your deferred compensation and DROP in retirement?
  11. Have you met with a financial consultant who focuses on helping public employees plan for a successful retirement?

While this checklist won’t fully prepare you for the choices and decisions you need to make to have a successful retirement, it will definitely help.  We also host complimentary retirement dinners, exclusively for public employees, where we develop these and other topics in greater detail.  If you are interested in attending one or simply learning more about our company, feel free to visit our website at www.ohioretire.com or call our office to schedule a complimentary, no obligation retirement consultation with one of our advisors.

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