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Ohio Legislative Bills

I have tried to include Bills that have been introduced in the Senate and House of the Ohio Legislature that may be of interest to the membership. They are all in various steps in the process. If you were to go to the Ohio Legislative website, http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/ and enter the appropriate bill number for the House or Senate Bills listed it will allow you to track each bill, read the bill analysis and fiscal notes if they are available.

The OPBA will be contacting the sponsors of HB 422 which was introduced on January 24, 2012 in an effort to meet and discuss the reasoning behind its introduction prior to any further action moving forward. The OPBA feels this bill on its face clearly creates dangerous situations to those working in law enforcement. See a synopsis of this bill below.

Senate Judiciary, (Chr. Wagoner, M., 466-8060)

SB 254

MAYOR'S COURTS (Patton, T.) To increase from more than 100 to more than 200 the population necessary for a municipal corporation to have a mayor's court unless the municipal corporation is located entirely on an island in Lake Erie.

SB 202

TRESPASSING (Seitz, B.) To specify the responsibility of a possessor of real property to a trespasser and the circumstances in which the possessor may be liable in a tort action for the death or injury of a trespasser.

HB 20

COURT INTIMIDATION (Burke, D., Letson, T.) To specify that the offense of intimidation of an attorney, victim, or witness in a criminal case also applies to delinquency cases and to any attempt to influence, intimidate, or hinder a witness to a criminal or delinquent act and to create an affirmative defense to a charge of intimidation of an attorney, victim, or witness in a criminal case.

House Judiciary & Ethics, (Chr. Bubp, D., 644-6034)

SEARCH & RESCUE DOGS (Goyal, J., Ruhl, M.) To provide protections for search and rescue dogs and to make changes to the law regarding emergency volunteers.

House Health & Aging, (Chr. Wachtmann, L., 466-3760)

HB 69 PENSION REFORM BILL- This Bill is pending for a synopsis go to the Ohio Legislative

website for the complete Bill analysis.

HB 388 This bill is pending which could affect payment of public

retirement benefits to individuals if they become re-employed with a public entity under

certain circumstances. (Damschroder, Thompson, Pelanda)

SB 3 PENSION REFORM BILL- This bill is pending for a synopsis go to the Ohio Legislative

website for the complete bill analysis. (companion bill from the Senate)

House Health & Aging, (Chr. Wachtmann, L., 466-3760)

HB 334

PSEUDOPHEDRINE TRACKING (Johnson, T.) Regarding the participation of pharmacies, retailers, and the Attorney General in electronically tracking pseudoephedrine and ephedrine product sales through a national exchange.

HB 373

PRESCRIPTION DISPENSING (Johnson, T., Gonzales, A.) To prohibit a pharmacist from substituting another drug for a tamper resistant opioid analgesic drug unless the substituted drug is also tamper resistant or consent is obtained from the prescribing health professional.

House Criminal Justice, (Chr. Slaby, L., 644-5085)

HB 265

JURY TRIALS (Slaby, L., O'Brien, S.) To authorize prosecuting attorneys to demand a jury trial in a criminal case, notwithstanding a defendant's waiver of trial by jury and over a defendant's objection.

HB 323

PENSION TRUSTEE FELONIES (Dovilla, M.) To add extortion and perjury to the felonies committed by a public retirement system member while serving in a position of honor, trust, or profit under the law governing the forfeiture of retirement system benefits and the termination of retirement system disability benefits.

Senate Government Oversight & Reform, (Chr. Coley, B., 466-8072)

SB 238

ETHICS LAW (Lehner, P.) To require persons who are elected or appointed to, or who are candidates for, an office of a township with a population of five thousand or more to file statements under the Ethics law.

Newly Introduced Bills:

HB 422

CONCEALED WEAPONS (Maag, R., Thompson, A.) To repeal requirements that a concealed carry licensee inform an approaching law enforcement officer that the licensee is a licensee and is carrying a concealed handgun and keep the licensee's hands in plain sight after the officer begins approaching and until the officer leaves; to remove from a general requirement that a licensee stopped for a law enforcement purpose comply with lawful orders of a law enforcement officer a reference to orders to keep the licensee's hands in sight; to revise the definition of "unloaded" that applies to the offense of "improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle"; to repeal the concealed carry license suspension required for certain misdemeanor convictions of that offense; and to conform certain provisions to changes to that offense made by Sub. S.B. 17 of the 129th General Assembly. Am. 2923.12, 2923.124, 2923.126, 2923.128, and 2923.16.

HB 425

CCW/STATE GARAGES (Maag, R., Johnson, T.) With respect to authority for concealed carry licensees to possess or store a handgun in a motor vehicle in the State Underground Parking Garage or in any parking garage or lot that is owned and operated by the Ohio Building Authority or is all or part of a state government facility. Am. 105.41, 152.08, 2923.126, and 2923.16.

House Transportation, Public Safety & Homeland Security, (Chr. Combs, C., 644-6721)

SB 258

BLUE ALERT (Manning, G.) To create the Statewide Blue Alert Program. (1st Hearing-Sponsor (Pending referral))

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