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Walter Gould

As the Director of Organization, I am responsible for recruiting new members and bargaining units into the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. From time to time some of our attorneys are contacted and asked to perform the recruiting process but on the most part recruiting rests with me. I take my responsibilities very seriously because I benefited greatly from the OPBA for many years as a full time officer. I observed and experienced excellent union representation through the OPBA when the 1985 Ohio Collective Bargaining Law was in its infancy. Now retired, I am extremely passionate about law enforcement personnel receiving the high level of representation offered through this very proud union organization.

One of the keys to the OPBA’s success has been in its ability to provide serious union representation when and where it is needed most. The OPBA aggressively steps up to the plate all the way from the small grievance, to the serious discipline, to the defense of a civil or criminal action and on through the full collective bargaining process. This is one of the major reasons the OPBA is growing so fast.

Over the past several years we have been adding 15 to 20 new units per year.

One of the main differences between the OPBA and other unions is that the OPBA assigns a trained labor attorney to a newly added department or bargaining unit instead of utilizing a business agent. The other unions use a business agent up front for everything and then bring in the attorney in the eleventh hour if the matter is going to go all the way. Back in the old days this worked and even quite affectively. However, as time passed, the processes and strategies became more complex from a legal position. The employers began hiring high dollar labor consultants to combat rising law enforcement wages and benefits. As a result, the OPBA adjusted its strategy and began placing high level labor attorneys from the beginning to the end to represent members for every process. Now, OPBA members are better represented because of the balanced playing field between their attorney and the attorney on the side of the employer.

If your bargaining unit is interested in bringing the OPBA in for better representation, please review our information on this web site and feel free to call me any time. I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have or schedule a recruiting meeting with you. I am NOT a salesman….I just tell it like it is.
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